Office of Dr. Gabriella Azzam

What happens during my free initial phone consultation?


The initial 15-minute phone consultation gives you the opportunity to describe your hopes and goals for therapy and ask me questions. It also helps you decide if you feel comfortable starting work with me. At the same time, it helps me get a better sense for what you're looking for, and to determine whether I might be a good fit for you as well.


While we're talking, I encourage you to think "Is she the person who will help me with my struggles and help me reach my personal and professional goals?" I’ll likely be thinking “Do I feel confident I can help them get where they want to be?" If the answer on both our ends is “Yes”, we’ll work on scheduling your first session. Yay! 


If either of our answers is “no” or “I’m not sure”, that’s totally fine as well! We won’t be the best fit with everyone we meet. In that case, I will likely redirect you back to the referral source you used to find me originally, and/or I’ll provide you with some referrals you may contact. I highly encourage potential clients to “shop around” and interview other psychotherapists before making a final decision. 


What can I expect during our first session?


Once we meet for the first time, we’ll review the paperwork I would’ve sent you by e-mail for you to complete prior to our first session. I’ll likely be asking you a lot of questions during this session to gain a better understanding of your background, present concerns, hopes, and goals for therapy, and how we’ll know when your hopes and/or goals have been met through our therapy process.



Would I have to do homework?

Most of the therapy work actually takes place outside of our sessions. I highly encourage my clients to explore, experiment, and practice newly-learned skills we talk about in our sessions in their everyday lives.


Depending on your preference, I could also provide you with customized handouts and worksheets based on what we are currently working on in our sessions. We can work on these sheets in session together, or you can hold onto them for your personal records.


How do I get started?


Go ahead and call or email me! You can also go to the “Contact” page on my website to send me a direct message using my contact form. We can start by having a free 15-minute phone consultation, or if you know you want to go ahead and just get started, let’s schedule an in-person OR online session!