Who sees me for therapy?

"I'm supposed to have it all together" or "How can I feel so [depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, empty, disconnected] when I'm so successful/have so much going for me?" are two things I often hear my clients say when they come see me.

My clients are successful, accomplished, and competent adults experiencing personal struggles, work-related stress, and/or relationship struggles. Everyone struggles with something, and I can understand how it may be hard for you- someone who has always done and been the best at pretty much everything, someone everyone else looks up to and depends on- to ask or accept help for yourself.

Many of my clients identify as high achievers and/or "Type A" people.

Most come to see me to help them better manage a specific issue, challenge, or life transition through our therapy work together.

Others choose to address longer-standing issues, and they tend to make a longer commitment to the therapy process even after the issues they initially came in for are resolved.

Whatever you need help with, we can get you there- together.

Areas of Focus


When it comes to what I focus on in therapy, I usually tell people four things:


  • Addiction (including substance use issues, "binge"-using, individuals who feel abstinence OR harm-reduction is a better fit for them, individuals on maintenance treatment, gambling issues, etc.),

  • Depression and anxiety (feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unmotivated, stuck, worried, resentful, sad, irritable, having lower self-esteem than usual, etc.),

  • Life Transitions (becoming a parent, losing a loved one, getting married, moving, getting a divorce, changing jobs, etc.),

  • Relationship issues (such as feeling unfulfilled in [social, physical, sexual, emotional, romantic, familial, work-related] relationships, attracting the “wrong” people over and over again, etc.).

How I can help you

Healing takes time and investment. I know that's not what people like to hear in our fast-paced, "I can get anything instantly" world, but it's the truth. I wish I could tell you that "you're going to feel exactly this 'great' way after X number of sessions", but the truth is I can't. What I can tell you is that through our work together you will

  • Manage your addiction-related issues in a healthier way with newly learned coping skills,

  • Feel healthier, happier, empowered, freer, lighter, and less stressed

  • Navigate life's ups and downs in a healthier, more manageable way, 

  • Develop stronger, healthier relationships with friends, family, dating partners, spouses, etc.